Billing Rates

Effective March 1, 2016

CNC is now part of the shared use Materials Characterization Facility (MCF). Users are charged hourly for the following instruments:

Microscope  Academic* Industry
LEO 1530 SEM $30 $100
Hitachi SU8010 SEM $20 $100
JEOL 100 CX-II TEM $30 $100
Hitachi HF2000 TEM $30 $100


Microscope Academic* Industry
Tecnai F30 high resolution TEM $80 $160


All of the above billing rates are reduced to one-half after a researcher uses 25 hours per instrument per quarter (3-month period, starting in March 2016). For example, the Tecnai F30 rate for a researcher will be $80/hr for the first 25 hours, $40/hr for all additional hours in that quarter.


Billable Staff Time

Operation of the instruments by staff members of the Center is billable at $100/hr, in addition to the hourly instrument charge.


* Academic rate is for Georgia Tech and other academic institutions, and for the latter, overhead charges will be added per the current Georgia Tech rate.