Hitachi HF-2000 field emission gun (FEG) transmission electron microscope (TEM) 200kV
Location: Room 177B, IPST Bldg.
thin window EDS spectrometer for quantitative microanalysis
parallel-detection electron energy-loss spectrometer (PEELS)
180rotational electrostatic biprism suitable for electron holography charge-coupled device (CCD) camera for digital data recording- Operating Instructions
JEOL 100CX II transmission electron microscope (TEM) 100kV
Location: Room 178, IPST Bldg.
For conventional imaging and education
Large degree (65) of tilt for crystal studies – Operating Instructions
FEI Tecnai F30 Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) 300 kV
Location: Room 180, IPST Bldg. – Operating Instructions

  • thermally-assisted field emission (TFE) gun
  • may be operated at 80, 200, 300 kV
  • point resolution: 2.0 Å,
  • TEM resolution limit 1.02 Å
  • STEM HAADF resolution: 0.17 nm
  • thin window EDS spectrometer for quantitative nanoanalysis
  • Lorenz lens
  • electron holography Biprism
  • Gatan GIF system (Tridiem 863 UHS)


Sample holders:

  • CompuStage Single-tilt Holder
  • CompuStage Low-background Double-tilt Holder
  • Tomography Holder (High Field of View)
  • Gatan Heating Holder
  • Gatan Cooling-holder


Attachments: Lorenz lens, Holography wire, Gatan GIF Tridiem 863